The Avian Lilliput Effect (Group 20)

The Lilliput Effect is a theory that explains why species significantly decrease in size following mass extinctions. This video goes through the methodology towards proving this hypothesis and the results that were obtained.


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12 Responses to The Avian Lilliput Effect (Group 20)

  1. Emma says:

    Good combination of pictures, drawings, and graphs. You used the visual most suited for each subtopic of the project.

  2. Oluwapamilerin says:

    Good video and use of visuals. However, I feel like it would’ve been better if the subtitles didn’t cover the information.

  3. Camalie says:

    The video was ok. It gave a good explanation of the Avian Lilliput Effect.

  4. Matthew says:

    The video seems a bit rushed at points and is a bit unorganized in format, but the information and figures are great. The topic is interesting and the video is able to connect this topic to the bigger picture nicely.

  5. Reagan says:

    Your explanation of the Liliput effect was very informative. Good job with the visuals and conveying the study to the audience!

  6. Nylah says:

    Informative, but it seems you all rushed the information. It was like I couldn’t keep up with what you were saying without subtitles. Also the subtitle covered up your images which wasn’t helpful. Overall I could understand your information and the visuals seemed to flow nicely with what you were saying.

  7. Lauren says:

    The subtitles made the video very distracting as I found myself reading the subtitles as opposed to looking at the diagrams that were being drawn. Overall, the video was very informative and flowed well.

  8. Blake says:

    Overall, good job. The video was informative and was able to get the ideas across. However, it did seem a bit rushed at times and the subtitles covered up information. Good job.

  9. Anthony says:

    The use of the whiteboard is very original in comparison to the rest of the videos. Looks good

  10. Sara says:

    I really liked the visuals. Well done

  11. Hanna says:

    The illustrations flowed very smoothly with the narration. They were helpful and informative

  12. Pratima says:

    The visuals and voiceovers were aligned well and were helpful in understanding the experiment.

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