Group 22- Competitiveness of GM Mosquitoes

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12 Responses to Group 22- Competitiveness of GM Mosquitoes

  1. Faye says:

    The shift from the video of you all to the animated video was slightly distracting, but you guys are all great speakers and you conveyed the meaning of your article well.

  2. Sarah says:

    I really enjoyed the use of the cartoon in this video. The topic was explained very well.

  3. Harrison says:

    While audio quality was not up to par during the diagrams, the skit and the cartoon were excellent mediums that were able to relay the importance of genetically modified mosquitoes to viewers like myself. While I hate mosquitoes, I am willing to see the ecological importance they bear over every day life because of your video. It was fun.

  4. Savannah says:

    I really enjoyed the use of cartoons in this video. The different ways information was relayed kept the video engaging. Very well put together and interesting topic.

  5. David says:

    The animation portion of the video was awesome and really entertaining. The other portions were good as well and contained all the necessary information.

  6. Nylah says:

    I loved the video and voice over part. It was informative and kept me focused on what you were presenting. I would maybe show clearer visuals of the presented data on the white board, it was difficult to see the axis’.

  7. Aubree says:

    I liked that you opened the video with background information about the mosquitoes that the audience needed to know. I thought the animated portion of the clip was a great addition and was synced up well to the audio. It also helped to reinforce the topic more clearly and kept the presentation engaging. Great video!

  8. Lauren says:

    The data was explained very clearly and the addition of the cartoon segment kept the material more easily understandable! Great video!

  9. Kayla says:

    The facts in between the video was very clear and understood. The animated part was also a really good addition to the video and was synced up really well.

  10. Madison says:

    Animation was super fancy. Only improvement would be louder intro at the beginning so that people immediately know what you’re talking about

  11. Sara says:

    use of the animation was an interesting and well-executed element

  12. Pratima says:

    The different methods of conveying the information kept me engaged!

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