Group 11: Reproductive Success and Telomeres of Barn Swallows

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11 Responses to Group 11: Reproductive Success and Telomeres of Barn Swallows

  1. Hannah says:

    Your video was very engaging and the data was well explained. I found it interesting how telomere length could cause increased reproductive success.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I liked how this video didn’t just use drawings and a background voice. Because of the other scenes added in, the video was much more engaging and hooked me from the beginning. As far as data and explanation, the whiteboard drawings and background voices did a good job in explaining the hypothesis, methods, and results of the study in terms that were easy to understand.

  3. Carson says:

    I LOVE the intro and all your drawings look great, very informative!

  4. Emma says:

    The summary of the findings at the end with your whiteboard visuals were a great way to finish the video.

  5. Oluwapamilerin says:

    The exam was very nice and interactive. The video was captivating from the beginning to end.

  6. Danielle says:

    This video is so fun and easy to follow; the beginning really caught my attention! This video clearly explained how this particular research was conducted and how it is still relevant to the world today and to our Biology class. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I definitely learned something.

  7. Camalie says:

    I found the video really interesting and entertaining. This was good work!

  8. Aubree says:

    This is such a great presentation! Very humorous and engaging. I thought it was a great idea how you opened with a creative intro that represented a main question that led straight into your topic, and the drawings are a great representation of the information. I also liked how you incorporated the concept of non-random mating, like we learned in class. Very well done!

  9. Kayla says:

    This video was so good!! I was intrigued the whole time and really enjoyed the added humor. Everything was also described really well.

  10. Alianna says:

    This video was really interesting and engaging, especially with the opening scene. It was easy to follow, and I liked how you related it to our class at the end.

  11. Madison says:

    I saw yall filming this and thought the dancing penguins were super fun. I’m even happier now knowing it was for this course lol. The whiteboard presentation was very well executed. great job

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