S16-36 Translation

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5 Responses to S16-36 Translation

  1. DManson says:

    Very informative video. Next time, consider using higher quality visuals

  2. MBlack says:

    Putting the audio together more so there’s not so much of a start/stop sensation, otherwise very well done.

  3. mtucker41 says:

    I feel like this video could have been a little more engaging. It looked similar to a slide show which some people may not find that interesting. The part at the end with the ribosome was very cool!

  4. NOlczak says:

    Great breakdown and nice and straightforward with a powerpoint presentation.

  5. Mtbl21Yu says:

    The concept is well explained and the paper/magnets is a creative method to explain things. The visuals could be done better because while creative, it was a little difficult to read the signs on the magnets because they were blurry. The words are clear and easy to see, but the diagrams aren’t always as clear.

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