S16-43: Natural Selection

Background music provided by GoAnimate
Images and other selected content provided by:

  • GoAnimate (Selected animations, backgrounds, characters, drawings)
  • ClipArtPanda.com (Rabbits, spiders, frogs, cheetah [some images slightly modified under fair use])
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2 Responses to S16-43: Natural Selection

  1. SGedorio says:

    I really love the visuals, music, and sound effects that you used for this video. It was just extremely engaging throughout. A suggestion I have for the video is to make it end less abruptly, but the time constraint makes this understandable.

  2. GKuntawala says:

    This video was super creative and interesting! It was very informative and the information was presented in a fun way. I have nothing to say to make it better.

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