S16-34: Inheritance Patterns and Pedigrees

In this video, a young girl learns about her family’s medical history as she searches for the inheritance pattern of hemophilia.

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5 Responses to S16-34: Inheritance Patterns and Pedigrees

  1. HRay says:

    The story they constructed did a great job explaining how genetic diseases, hemophilia specifically, are passed down from generation to generation. The video style also keeps the viewer engaged throughout the process. One improvement would be to explain in more detail how pedigrees work for other examples besides sex-linked recessive.

  2. CJones says:

    The narrative of the young girl was a very effective way to present how patterns of inheritance work and why they matter. The video could be improved by showing how exactly the grandfather obtained hemophilia and why it is more common for males to obtain hemophilia.

  3. SSarkisian says:

    Funny skit, I thought it was effective to go through Sarah’s thought process with her. I wish the viewer could see the drawing of the genetic tree more clearly in the video.

  4. NManocchio says:

    This was really entertaining to watch and made the topic of inheritance patterns super easy and fun to learn about. The only area of improvement I would recommend is that at times it was really hard to hear what was being said, either because it wasn’t loud enough or because there was a lot of wind in the background!

  5. RWiese says:

    This video was so creative and I loved the relatable story line dealing with family diseases and genetics.
    One improvement to the video would have been to possibly show a basic Punnett square while the granddaughter was drawing her family pedigree to show sex-linkage when it is dominant.
    Amazing video!

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