F16-20 Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

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4 Responses to F16-20 Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium

  1. TRogers says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I think the setup of a conversation between two scientists is a really strong setup. I think it was a great way of conveying how the Hardy-Weinberg Equation was built off of Punnett’s theories. I also really appreciated the humor.

  2. POlds says:

    Creative, fun way of presenting the content. Really enjoyed the discussion/conversation based way of presenting the concept(s). However, some of the visuals flashed by too quickly and required pausing to view.

  3. ACornell says:

    Great video! I loved the conversational way of presenting good information. The only thing that could be improved is that some of the text flashed across the screen too quickly to be read without pausing the video. Excellent job overall!

  4. ADoshi says:

    Excellent Video. All the important point of Hardy-Weinberg were touched on. The only suggested improvement would be to have the pausing toward the beginning reduced.

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