F15-14 Cell Cycle 101

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  1. edernar3 says:

    Very good job explaining a tough concept. Drawings were very done very well too. The only sort of thing I can think that you can improve is to make the speaker sound more enthusiastic about biology (as you can tell I really had to dig deep for that)

  2. edernar3 says:

    Very good job explaining a tough concept. Drawings were very done very well too. The only sort of thing I can think that you can improve is to make the speaker sound more enthusiastic about biology (as you can tell I really had to dig deep for that).

  3. adas71 says:

    The video was extremely informative and aesthetically captivating. I really enjoyed the graphics that were used and the entertaining drawings throughout the video. I found that the drawings were really critical to my understanding of the concepts. However, something that could improve the quality of this video would be to provide some sort of method to help remember this cell process. There is a lot of information provided that could possibly be difficult to digest.

  4. slarose3 says:

    I liked the inclusion of the study with the rats. To improve this video, I would shade the pictures darker at first so the audience can better see what is being depicted.

  5. rgarland6 says:

    The animations in this video are great and the information is solid. I liked the ending and how your related it back to human reproduction. The only issue I noticed was that sometimes the hand “drawing” the graphics was moving so fast and all over the screen that it was a little distracting. Great video!!

  6. lps6 says:

    Very well done. I like how the concepts are kept concise and in layman’s terms (easy to understand). I also like the visuals (easy to remember). The hand sketching each image is a little distracting and somewhat takes away from the overall visual clarity of the video. In some parts, it slows down then speeds up and at one point, the viewer is focusing on the motion of the hand and not necessarily the information in the video. Otherwise, great job!

  7. skang323 says:

    Concise explanations with appropriate, uniform animations that are easy to follow. I would suggest having the bolded illustrations show for a bit longer than you do at the moment as the outlines are a bit faint. You could add background music to make this video further engaging.

  8. sedwards48 says:

    Great job overall! It was a good review on the cell cycle. One comment about the animation; the moving hand thing was a little distracting to your video.

  9. asmith430 says:

    Overall, the video is easy to follow thanks to the voiceover. The diagrams were a bit difficult to see at first, though.

  10. ckiernicki3 says:

    The illustrations were good, but it would be beneficial to have more words on the slide. Also, speak slower.

  11. jwroe3 says:

    The video was really interesting to watch and it was easy to understand the material the way you presented it. Te animations were nice but I think displaying them fully for logner and having the hand spend less time drawing them would have been easier to look at and less distracting.

  12. nbhatnagar7 says:

    I think this video was very informative but a little long winded. I feel like I could’ve learned more from the speaker if they had been moving a little slower since the drawings were distracting too.

  13. mleach6 says:

    This was a hard topic to do in a short time, but I think the ideas were explained very clearly. I struggled to focus on what was being said sometimes, because I thought the visuals were a little distracting, but overall, I think the video was cohesive and informative.

  14. segboga3 says:

    This video was very good. It did a good job of explaining the concept but the images were hard to follow even though they were done very well

  15. xchen459 says:

    The artwork was well drawn and the video was very informative and provided a good overview of the cell cycle. The only problem i had with the video was that the images were visible for a very short amount of time. I feel like it would have been better if the images were shown pre-completed and had more screen time.

  16. nhardy7 says:

    This video is incredibly helpful as it goes over everything that you need to know, but I found this hard to remember most of the information because it is very wordy and spoken very fast.

  17. sking49 says:

    The overall content of the video was very relevant and precise. Even though the animations were unique, it was odd. The hand was a bit annoying and the length of time showing the fully drawn image was too short in my opinion.

  18. nharris39 says:

    The content of the video was very good, and the illustrations were excellent! The level of the detail was very good, but it seems like so much information was included that the narrator had to speak very fast. I think this caused the voice over to sound less enthusiastic. Maybe, you should consider leaving out some of the non-essential information sot that the narration can be more slow.

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