Biology 1510 Fall 2017

Welcome to Biology 1510 for Spring 2018!

Select course readings from the menus above by Module:

  • Evolution
  • Molecules and Metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Integrative Human Health

Lecture materials can be downloaded from t-square

Instructions for the group video project will be available later in the term.

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Sample Videos

View these videos for ideas on what makes an engaging video. As you watch, consider the elements that make each video engaging and how you could use those elements to explain evidence-based concepts (which is one of the goals of this project after all!)


Examples of highly rated and high-scoring group project videos from previous semesters of 1510 and 1520.


Fun Science: Light


Vi Hart: Hexaflexagons


Evolution: It’s a Thing – Crash Course Biology #20 (This one is long, but you’ll get the idea after 5 minutes if you are time-limited.)


The Machine is Us/ing Us


Budding yeast research

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Group 7: Analysis of “Species as Stressors: Heterospecific Interactions and the Cellular Stress Response under Global Change”



Posted in Species as stressors | 64 Comments

[Group 9] Telomere length is reflected by plumage coloration in barn swallow

Posted in Telomeres and sexy coloration | 70 Comments

Group 40: Surveying the Sequence Diversity of Model Pre-Biotic Peptides by Mass Spectrometry

Posted in Sequence diversity of prebiotic peptides | 5 Comments

Genital titilators in bush crickets: Group 3

Posted in bush cricket sexual selection | 5 Comments

Group 18: Genes of an Avian Lilliput Effect across the K-Pg Extinction

Posted in Avian lilliput effect | 57 Comments

Group 36: Selective Targeting of the Warburg Effect through GAPDH Inhibition with KA

Posted in Targeting the Warburg effect | 2 Comments

Group 33: Targeting Cancer Cells through the Warburg Effect

Posted in Targeting the Warburg effect | 56 Comments

Group 2: Male genital titillators and the intensity of post-copulatory sexual selection across bushcrickets

Posted in bush cricket sexual selection | 69 Comments

Poison Mutations Group 14

Posted in Poison mutations | 49 Comments

Group 211: Structure of histone-based chromatin in Archaea

Posted in histone-based chromatin in Archaea | 44 Comments