Biology 1510 Summer 2017

Welcome to Biology 1510 for Summer 2017!

Select course readings from the menus above by Module:

  • Molecules and Metabolism
  • Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Ecology

Lecture materials can be downloaded from t-square

Instructions for the group video project will be available later in the term.

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Sample Videos

View these videos for ideas on what makes an engaging video. As you watch, consider the elements that make each video engaging and how you could use those elements to explain evidence-based concepts (which is one of the goals of this project after all!)


Examples of highly rated and high-scoring group project videos from previous semesters of 1510 and 1520.


Fun Science: Light


Vi Hart: Hexaflexagons


Evolution: It’s a Thing – Crash Course Biology #20 (This one is long, but you’ll get the idea after 5 minutes if you are time-limited.)


The Machine is Us/ing Us


Budding yeast research

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Group 6 – Synthetic Organisms: Functioning Unnatural Base Pairs

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Social Bet-Hedging in Bats Group 5

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Group 7 – Cannibalism increases with rising temperature

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Team 6 – Cognitive Flexibility of Bees *fixed link error*

For some reason, our link was not working when we posted the first time.

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Group 21 Mosquitos

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Group 23 – Evolution of Mitochondrial Gene Retention

Evolutionary inference across eukaryotes identifies specific pressures favoring mitochondrial gene retention. This video explores an experiment that investigates what pressures lead to gene retention in mitochondrial DNA.

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Group 24: Evolutionary Inferences with Mitochondrial Genes


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Group 18 Community Selection

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Group #25(M): Evolution of Mitochondrial Genes

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Team M6: Emergence of Healing in the Antarctic Ozone Layer

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